TerimaKasih BALI

TerimaKasih means Thank You in Balinese. Thank you Bali for an unforgettable Honeymoon. 

Ok guys I am writing my Honeymoon post before my wedding post since so many people are going to Bali soon that reached out and I want to give you ALL the tips! Ok bare with me, this might be a long one…

Of course we all see pictures of Bali on Pinterest and hope to go there some day, but our experience to Bali was so pure and amazing I will forever treasure that island and will be back soon. I just want to start off by saying, if your planning a trip to Bali, experience places not all Instagram worthy. There are so many amazing places / restaurants that we just came across that was so beautiful so just keep that in mind since Instagram consumes us and I tried to really take it all in! I will also be giving you tips and tricks and how we booked our trip. 

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Chelsiee.Paige x Big Betty Wine

It’s finally starting to get colder, enough to at least wear jeans! That is a good start I’ll take it. Today is Wednesday, we are halfway through our week. This week has flown by so fast, partly because I have been so busy in OC & LA but busy is good! I wanted to share something really cool I discovered from Big Betty. If y’all haven’t heard of them before definitely check them out for all my wine lovers out there…which I hope is everyone LOL. They have the largest wine glasses that will hold a whole bottle of wine, yes I said that correctly, a whole bottle. They just came out with Drink by Numbers, which is painting & drinking. Right up my alley. Right when I opened it I instantly got excited, Chris was like what is it Chels? When I opened it up, I said “these glasses hold a whole bottle of wine, that’s my dream”! Pure excited that I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s such a fun concept and they have the best products.

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5 Wedding Planning Tips

LITERALLY have not been on here for awhile because I’m in FULL wedding planning mode & I hate to say it but to be honest, I have been too busy! I get so many questions regarding wedding posts and I wanted to give you guys all the tips & tricks once I dealt with everything to give you honest feedback. So grab some wine, get comfy & here we go!

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Hello Boobies

Hey babes! So I am going to open up about something that I usually only talk to either family about or just my close friends but yes, I am getting a boob job. Plain and simple I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE supporter of loving your body and what you are born with, but there comes a time when confidence kicks in and it’s hard! Plus who doesn’t compare themselves to others in Instagram these days, I am guilty of it too! So I am going to share why I am getting a boob job and in hopes help others if they have been thinking of doing the same.

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Take Time For Yourself

So lately I have been feeling super overwhelmed and stressed for no reason at all. I mean ya I am planning a wedding so maybe that has something to do with it, but just the feeling of not having enough time for me during the day has taken a tole. I have always loved working out, Chris and I got a gym pass together since he has always gone to 24 Hour Fitness, but I stopped working out the week before Stagecoach and since I have been back I’ve felt this weird stress come over me. I realized how important it is to give time back to yourself and fully give your body what it needs and I’m talking more sleep, eating right and working out.

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