Chelsiee Paige x Astoria Central Park West

Happy Monday! Hope you guys all had a great weekend, I just got back from a long 4 days at Stagecoach but I was so ready to be back home in the comfort of your own bed. I love traveling but I also am such a homebody. So I got tons of questions asking where Chris and I were staying last weekend so I thought I would do a blog post and tell y’all about our staycation. I love going on trips, even if its just right in your backyard.

So Chris and I always drive by the 405 and we have always seen these clear high rise buildings that just went up off Jamboree. We usually say “OMG I wish we could check those apartments out”, well we were given the chance to stay two nights as Astoria Central Park West and it was amazing. We are always down to get away for a few nights so when we arrived at Astoria, we were greeted with valet parking and the nicest employees! I have lived in DTLA so I love the high-rise lobby apartment living, it reminded me of my college days LOL. Literally once we checked in and walked into our apartment, our jaws hit the floor…literally. This two bedroom two bath apartment was insane. Picture so modern but cozy, widows from floor to ceiling with the best selfie lighting a girl could ask for. I mean it was true heaven. The view overlooked the pool and you got a cool view of Irvine. We started by obviously taking pictures of the place so I could show you guys + I was so excited it was all so insta worthy.

Everyone loves a cute modern apartment so we were so excited to stay for the weekend we got on FaceTime and showed the place off to our families. They have so many cool amenities at this complex, it made Chris & I think like wow, how cool would it be to live here. You are in the heart of Irvine, so close to everything plus you have this amazing spacious…very spacious apartment how awesome! Our first night we went out to dinner with friends then played Cards with Humanity which is SO funny I’m obsessed. On Saturday we ran errands and then were like, wait let’s just go to back to Astoria, we can hit the pool and Chris wanted to try their gym out. Not only did we do that but it was just nice to relax and watch tv and make popcorn like we lived there. We had Chris parent’s come over for dinner Saturday night and then my parents came over for breakfast Sunday morning so that was cool to have them over to check the apartment out, and yes they loved it as well! Can you just imagine yourself living there, decorating it and making dinner in that awesome kitchen…I know I can.

It was so funny because now that we are back home, we love where we live but it was just fun to get away and feel like we were living it big time for the weekend! If you haven’t seen Astoria on the freeway, check them out it is amazing and its such a great location to live by with everything so close by it makes it so worth it. Hope you guys liked this post I love sharing travels on where Chris and I go, plus we had a great weekend just down the street from our house it was awesome!!

If you want more info here is the Leasing Information and more about Astoria!