Y’ALL, Chris & I got to escape for a few days since moving across country to our new city in Nashville. We heard 30A was the place to vacation so we packed our bags and made a fun road trip down to Florida. YES, I am now 30 weeks pregnant but it was doable for sure and well worth the 7 hour drive. We stayed at an amazing resort called The Pointe and boy was it ON POINT, see what I did there. I would highly recommend booking one of their suites, super immaculate & they had everything we needed. Multiple bedrooms, living, dining & a kitchen. Don’t get me started on how there is also a washer & dryer in unit so you can do your laundry before heading home -HUGE bonus points for this mama. Chris was blown away at how spacious and clean our suite was, I am already thinking of how we can plan another trip back once baby #2 is born.

I have visited Florida before but more on the Orlando side, so this was a nice treat walking just across the street to beach access and a five minute walk to restaurants and the cutest shopping center. It was Chris’ first time and he was blown away. The beach sand was so soft and clean definitely different than our California beaches that’s for sure. The water was insanley warm Chris & I just jumped right in no hesitation as the water was almost crystal clear. Rosemary Beach has some of the best restaurants, we first walked around on our own but eventually got the low down from the locals on what was best. Here are some of my recommendations if you ever visit:

Quick coffee date / Donuts: Amavida & Donut Hole

Breakfast: Big Bad Breakfast – actually on site at The Pointe (another big bonus point)

Breakfast #2: Playa Bowls – loved their açaí bowls 10/10

Lunch: Cowgirl Kitchen – if you go please try the elode appetizer, it’s beyond!

Dinner: La Crema – amazing whatever you choose & if an expecting mama their sherrly temple was so unique!

One day we ventured off and drove through the SUPER WHITE streets of Aly’s Beach, which is a 5 min drive from The Pointe. Beautiful white homes, a few restaurants & a total Greece vibe. It felt like we were transported to a different place it was so crisp and white – EVERYWHERE!! It was definitely fun to walk through but our time was cut short since the rain started to come in but definitely worth a visit. A good way to venture around 30A would be renting bikes through The Pointe. We had so much fun riding them & definitely got around a lot faster than my pregnant waddle. You can definitely tell that is the best way in terms of transportation as parking is limited near the shops & if you go during the busy season can probably be harder to find a parking spot. Plus riding a bike makes you feel like a kid again.

Another romantic spot to watch the sunset is on the rooftop of The Pointe – you can bring your own food & drinks, watch the sunset & be under the stars. We had it all to ourselves one night and had the perfect view watching the sunset, definitely a highlight for sure the views are breathtaking! Don’t forget to have a fun night swim, they have a huge fireplace & jacuzzi ready to go for the perfect vibe. Chris loved having a pool/ jacuzzi area. They also have a fun cabana hangout during the day & a nice gym if you want to get your vaca workout in.

I am telling you, I can’t recommend this resort enough 1000% will plan another trip back there soon after the holidays! Everything was so close, shops across the street at 30Avenue, tons of restaurants walking distance and even if you wan’t to take a drive there are many just down the road. Great family vacation spot as well as a romantic getaway for two. I am so glad we made the decision to go on a whim because with two kids coming up, moving across country in March, moving 2x in 2 months, we needed this baby-moon more than y’all know!