Basic Invite Christmas Tree Cards

Can someone please tell me where December went?  Since we got back from our Honeymoon, it has been full force of Holiday parties, seeing family and well let’s not forget our first Christmas card as husband and wife that we are totally late on.  I feel like we get a pass though, since we have had such a hectic few months.  I could not, not send out a Christmas card to family and friends, so I partnered with Basic Invite since I have used them before & absolutely love their cards! Their designs are different than other card companies because they are so unique, yet you can find one that totally speaks to you. I want to tell you a little bit about my process and what other great qualities Basic Invite has because they are also having 30% OFF with code “holi30” so it’s the perfect time to stock up on cards for any occasion!

For starters, I am SO excited about the design I chose for our Christmas cards. I was leaning toward pictures from the wedding since they are so chic and would make for a great first card as Mr. & Mrs. I chose the #BLESSED card because, well just look at it, I’m obsessed.  I loved the fonts, how simple it is and I was able to customize it exactly to my liking. 

At Basic Invite, you have a variety of different fonts to choose from and can play around with where you want the writing to go. Let’s just say I am a little excited to be sending these out this year! A huge bonus that caught my attention was you are able to get a sample of how your card is going to look before you place your order. I mean, how awesome is that? I have gone through so many invites from our wedding, to feel, and see how it will look before you make a purchase is top notch if you ask me.

I actually went to a friends house the other day, and her tree was decorated in just family Christmas tree cards from loved ones and I thought that was so unique, and a cute idea. (I may have to copy her next year).  These past few months have literally been such a dream, we have been on cloud nine! I haven’t gotten all of our wedding pictures back yet but I feel like I will be posting them like crazy. For all of my fellow soon-to-be brides, check out what Basic Invite has to offer. Just in weddings alone, they range from Save the Dates, Invites, to accessories for your invites to make it less or more formal. 

There’s so many cute wedding options as well as different life events with the cutest themes, here are some I loved! I can’t rave enough on how many different options there are. You can choose up to 180 different color options just so you can make sure your card is exactly how you envisioned. They range from business Christmas cards, Wedding Invitations, Baby all the way to awesome stationary.

If this hasn’t gotten you to either want to throw a party just to make a cute invite or jump on your Christmas cards like I am, it’s never too late. I can take days creating my cards because I simply have so much fun doing it, you are your own designer. Have fun with it, tag me in the cards you make, I love seeing what people come up with! 

If you want to check out their social channels for more ideas here are the links:


Instagram: @BasicInvite


xx Chels