Chelsiee.Paige x Big Betty Wine

It’s finally starting to get colder, enough to at least wear jeans! That is a good start I’ll take it. Today is Wednesday, we are halfway through our week. This week has flown by so fast, partly because I have been so busy in OC & LA but busy is good! I wanted to share something really cool I discovered from Big Betty. If y’all haven’t heard of them before definitely check them out for all my wine lovers out there…which I hope is everyone LOL. They have the largest wine glasses that will hold a whole bottle of wine, yes I said that correctly, a whole bottle. They just came out with Drink by Numbers, which is painting & drinking. Right up my alley. Right when I opened it I instantly got excited, Chris was like what is it Chels? When I opened it up, I said “these glasses hold a whole bottle of wine, that’s my dream”! Pure excited that I wanted to share this with you guys because it’s such a fun concept and they have the best products.

So you will receive two art stands, canvas, paint, brushes, and two wine glasses. What is really cool that I love is the painting already has numbers on it that correspond with the paint. So you know exactly what color goes where and the end result is a really cool painting. I had my fiancé do it with me and we are still in the process of painting it all the way but it’s something fun we can do together.  We or should I say I am a big wine lover, so this is so fun to do even just while watching your favorite show or even  a cool idea for girls night in. I even told my mom right when I opened the package, that her and I need to do this, I love fun activities that bring people together and this is definitely one of them, such a cool concept!

I though I would include some of their other products so you can check out everything, you will not be disappointed! I linked everything below so you guys can check out their website, Instagram and Drink by Numbers link! Enjoy and tag me in your Drink by Numbers so I can check out your paintings!

Drink by Numbers Link:


Instagram @BigBettyWine

Hope y’all check it out and enjoy getting your paint on!