Fun Fact Friday

Guys! I am starting to do fun fact Fridays which is fun facts about me…on Fridays LOL. I thought it would be a fun way to get to know me more, that is if I don’t run out of facts. So let’s just jump into it:

#1 I can wiggle my ears

Yup, you read that right, I can actually wiggle my ears. Chris is always a little bit jealous that I can and he tries so hard to. I have tried to teach him but bless his heart LOL. I learned it in high school, I don’t even remember how I learned I think it was one of those things when you played a joke on your dad like ” look I have a wig on” and you would move your hair with your hand. Super weird I know but one day it just happened without me trying.

#2 I have veneers

I have talked about my veneers before, but when I was little my baby tooth fell and out and I never grew a big tooth. So countless surgeries / braces, retainers later I now have pearly whites that will not fade, which I guess it kind of cool.

#3 Paige isn’t actually my last name

Most people think Paige is my last name, which I can totally see how but its only my middle name. I always liked my middle name more so I just went with it.

#4 I used to live in LA

I grew up in Orange County, and moved to LA for college since I was going to FIDM. I lived there for about two years in two different parts of the city. I loved LA and would totally move back if I could take my friends with me!

#5 I don’t drink coffee¬†

Everyone probably things I drink coffee since I have a love for Starbucks, but I don’t really even like the taste. If I do drink it, I will make it SO sweet with creamer so it’s basically just like drinking creamer alone.

Not sure if anyone knew these five random facts about me, but I will try and come up with more that I haven’t shared for next week! Hope this was fun to read, I always enjoy writing it because Chris always jokes with me that I am so weird lol (probably because I am love being hyper and trying to make him laugh).