Chelsiee Paige x Glen Ivy Spa

Well I have been a little MIA on here lately and its a long story but let’s just say I am glad to be back! I have a few posts I want to cover, but my mom and I got papered at the Spa and I wanted to share since I got so many questions on my Instagram about it. So my mom and I had a nice relaxing day at Glen Ivy Spa in Corona. I wanted to bring my mom to celebrate her birthday so we just had a mother-daughter day and drank champagne and relaxed.

Who doesn’t love a spa day, pretty much everyone I know loves to go and get pampered. I had never been to Glen Ivy before so I was really excited, especially to be treating my mom for her birthday. We got to go on a Friday, so it wasn’t too crowded and the weather was perfect. Glen Ivy is on your way to Corona for those that live in the area or have been, which isn’t too far from OC. Once we got there we were greeted at the front and got signed in super fast. Once we checked in we found our lockers and obviously went straight to the bar..duh. What’s a relaxing day without champagne …am I right? We then found ourselves in the sulfur jacuzzi’s which is so relaxing I can not even tell you how awesome it was. There are a ton of pools, jacuzzis and area to go it’s awesome because there isn’t too many people in one place.

Once we relaxed a little, can you guess…we went back to get another champagne and went to tan out by the pool until our noon facial appointment. We walked around the primacies, checked out the Club Med which we had planned after our facial and scoped out the place. The staff was so friendly and they were always walking around if you needed anything. My mom gets facials a lot, but it just worked out that her regular lady she goes to canceled so I treated her to one. The facial room was so relaxing and they did an amazing job at listening to your problem areas and doing their best to help you find the right products fit for your face. I have only had one other facial in my life, so you can assume I loved it LOL!

After our facial, we grabbed lunch at Ivy Kitchen, we shared their margarita pizza, spinach & quinoa salad and fruit. Their food is literally sooo good, I was blown away at how fresh the pizza was. I love my margarita pizzas! After we ate, we got changed into old bathing suits and headed to Club Mud. So Club Mud is basically an area with a mud pool, warm showers where you spread mud all over your body. Mud is supposed to make your skin really smooth and soft. So you literally spread this mud all over your body and wait for it to dry. It’s feel so weird, and you look totally strange but it’s so worth it and I recommend to anyone who’s thinking of going.

Once we got washed off, we headed back to the locker rooms to do one more jacuzzi dip. It’s relaxing because it’s indoors and is kind of like a steam room all in one. If you are looking for a perfect day at the spa I highly, highly recommend Glen Ivy. They have everything you want to get done all in one place! I just wanted to share our time there because it was truly the best mother-daughter day date!

Glen Ivy Hot Springs