YOU GUYS! I haven’t written a post in some time, mostly because I am almost 8 months pregnant. My pregnancy is flying by so fast, just like everyone has warned me so I wanted to share my favorite diaper bags and why I chose to get them all! Just like switching out handbags, I knew I wanted a few different diaper bags after talking to friends so there’s certain reasons why I decided to choose each one.

  1. FAWN DESIGN– I have been loving Fawn before I was even pregnant and have loved the way their diaper bags look & feel. The design is amazing with vegan leather, it’s made so well and has awesome compartments that was so thoughtfully planned out. Fawn designed The Original Bag to not only have a chic look but to have great compartments easy for new mamas! This bag can totally be pricy to some, but also note there is a “mini” version that cuts the bag price down so you can still get the esthetic you are looking for.

Link: The Original Diaper Bag in Brown

“Mini Bag” – Linked Here

2. DAGNE & DOVER– I got a mini Dagne & Dover backpack a few months ago before I was pregnant and totally thought it was the coolest backpack ever. The material is almost to explain it, wet suit like. Very durable, easy to clean and simplistic designs. I went on their website and found they had a diaper bag and I of course fell in love with it! I love how they really think of everything, on the go for moms or dads, and comes in so many colors as well! When it came in the mail, I was so excited. There are SO many compartments, this bag will be super easy for everyday use on the go and if something spills I’ll just wipe it right off. Includes a laptop pouch, changing pad and so many different zippers for things that you wouldn’t think you’ll need but you will. I am so excited I even got my husband his own bag so it’s sporty and for the dads out there!

Link: Indi Diaper Bag in Heather Grey

3. ALF THE LABEL- I love Alf, I found them on Instagram not too long ago and thought their bags were so cute and boho, right up my alley! I wanted to find a cute diaper bag that didn’t necessarily look like a diaper bag. I wanted it bigger, nice fabric, I wanted to also use it for overnight stays if I needed and was so excited when I found Alf. This bag comes in two colors, black and a camel color which both are SUPER cute! This bag literally comes with so much room, compartments and so much more I can’t say enough of how excited I am to use this! I will be doing a post just on this bag alone for “What’s in my Hospital Bag”.

Link: Stella Bag in Black Dot

4. SKIP HOP- So by now your wondering why another bag, am I right? Well I really wanted a few to choose from for just different things we will be doing or may need as a new family. I wanted an easy to clean backpack that I could even give my mother in law when they are babysitting etc. For me, you can never have too many handbags so why stop at diaper bags. My friends have different bags that they like for different things so I knew I would 100% be the same way. Skip Hop is just so practical, great price point and comes in many colors. It too comes with awesome compartments for bottles, changing pad and a really cool front area for easy access to get to wipes!

Link: Greenwich Backpack in Caramel

I really am happy that I got these bags, I know it may seem like a lot, DON’T worry my husband was like “Chels, say what?!” But I promise you, start seeing which bags you like and you will fall in love with more than one just like I did! I hope you guys liked this post, I love sharing my thought process for everything mommy since I am still a soon-to-be mama myself and have researched like crazy!