WOW! It’s been a hot minute, we left off coming back from our baby moon and so much has happened! But to catch y’all up we had our second baby boy, Rhodes and just went on our first ever family vacation as a family of 4 (that is still crazy to say out-loud)…well make that seven because we wanted to bring my parents along and have them see why we love vacationing in Florida so much too. Plus did I mention San Destin is a dog friendly resort – so of course we had to bring Kiwi as well. When we moved here we didn’t know how poppin’ and popular going to Florida would be, but the drive isn’t bad and it’s so gorgeous where we stayed I have to spill the beans and tell you why this vacation was just purely amazing and definitely something I needed after moving 3 times in 5 months, buying a house, and then having a baby in the mix of it all, we were on a wild ride and this vacation was much needed!!

We found THE best resort called San Destin Golf & Beach Resort and it did not disappoint. Like every detail, every activity, the amenities were just “chefs kiss.” Grey keeps talking about how he wants to go back daily and I couldn’t agree more with him. The hotel we stayed at was called Osprey Pointe which is inside San Destin – a gated resort which felt like we were on a tropical island to kind of paint the picture. It was tropical, turquoise clear waters and the resort itself was so clean and beautiful. Such a kid friendly place too, I highly highly recommend to families for sure. We stayed in the 3 bedroom, 2 bath suite and it was perfect. When you travel with babies like we did, the kitchen was a must to be able to cook our own meals just in case we were not able to go out to dinner one night which we used a lot because they get up early and sometimes we don’t make it out the door – any mom will totally understand LOL! Look at how gorgeous our rooms were but don’t get me started on the VIEW we had. Literally gorgeous every morning and the sunsets were so pretty too. We had a wrap around balcony and the view was nothing short of perfect. To sit out and drink our coffee and also go to bed with the sunsets were magical, truly so so pretty can’t wait to share all the pictures so get ready!

If you stay at this resort you have access to the wide variety of amenities which are riding bikes, paddle boarding, kayaks, golfing, 4 different pools, beach access + so much more but brownie points as well because there are trams that go around the resort every 20-30 minutes that is such a game changer so you don’t have to drive but can if you want to. We did just because we were more on a time schedule with the babies/ car seats and all that but if Chris and I went alone we would have for sure taken advantage of that perk.

We had dinner maybe 2-3 times out in Baytowne Wharf which is the coolest spot that feels like an outdoor center with tons of restaurants, games and shopping and then also a playground for kids which we were at a lot because Grey thought it was the coolest thing. I would highly check this area out, we ate at Marina Bar & Grill one night which has such a cool casual vibe out on the patio and they have a Parrot named Mary-Ann that the kids will enjoy too! The second time we ate out we went to The Village Door and they had live music which my mom loves so much, as we all do as well but it was just a vibe. I loved how you could go eat then walk around after. They also had a carousel and of course Grey had to ride it twice he loved it so much. If you are looking for coffee in the morning – we loved going to Charlie’s. They had espresso for Chris but their menu was breakfast sandwiches, coffee, donuts and much more. Loved this place as well!

OMG now let me tell you about the beach!!! We of course packed our entire house to go on this trip with kids you need ALL the things but we loved how easy it was to drive over to the beach from Osprey Pointe. It was just a hop and a skip across the street into another gated community which this is also where a pool option is located. The parking lot is right by the beach so you don’t need to walk far which was a plus. There were beach chairs to rent but we just brought our own because we needed extra shade for the babies. I would say as parents at the beach with sand, bags full of stuff – the drink shack they have at the beach was AMAZING we were like” omg they have a bar where we can order drinks this is awesome”. For the couple with out kids wanting to relax this is a huge plus too! We had the best beach day, Grey loved going in the water but I think he had the best time just playing in the sand. We lived close to Laguna Beach back home but he was so little he probably doesn’t remember it too much so he had the time of his life at the beach. He also got a snow cone which I thought he would scarf down but I tell you he wanted to just be buried in the sand more than eating it, I was shocked ha ha!

We had many pool days, we went to two pools, Beach House pool and the other was right out front of our room at the Osprey and that was our favorite pool because 1. it was never that crowded, 2. has a sand bar sort of feel for kids where it’s really shallow and 3. Grey met a friend one day and kept wanting to go back to see if he’d be there (it was so cute). If you don’t want to sit at the pool or beach all day – bikes were available by Marina Bar & Grill and then you could also take a walk and find the hidden treehouses and walking trails. This was one of my favorite parts because these treehouses were awesome for Grey he loved them but it was fun to get out and just explore more. Sometimes traveling with kids can be hard, you have the strollers and all the things they will need in case they get tired or so forth but this was just cool to have him explore and be able to get energy out as well.

I really can’t recommend this San Destin enough – if you are looking to get away this would be the resort to do it. We felt so safe, so clean and the staff was so so sweet if you had any questions. We would love to make this a family yearly vacation to create memories and there really was so much to do inside the resort you would never have to leave. They truly have everything there and it just made for the best vacation, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect resort to bring my parents too as well as our new baby boy and Grey! Can’t wait too go back!!




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