I am sitting in my living room, it’s currently 10PM on a Saturday night ( just to give you a realistic picture since IG always makes it seem so perfect). I am drinking my chai latte from Starbucks, covered in a down comforter looking like a boss bitch with no makeup on and probably a black eye from rubbing my eyes so my mascara goes down my face, watching our wedding video over and over and over again.I love this video so much, I am also glad that y’all cant hear my full vows since I randomly got sick and lost my voice a week before the wedding! Is this real life? I sit here with tears running down my face as I watch and relive our magical day. I really wanted to share it with you guys because we had a dream team that day and I can’t say enough about all the skill and effort everyone put in for us, it truly means so much! I love you guys and love talking wedding with you all, it gives me a high almost, like should I be in the wedding biz? LOL fuck no, I have way to much anxiety for that but I absolutely love weddings, I spend so much time still looking at dresses and ideas on Pinterest in hopes to share with y’all. Here is our full wedding video, AH this feels so crazy because it means that we are literally starting our next chapter now after all the craziness settles from planning a wedding and living that amazing day! For all my bride-to-be babes, I am so excited for your journey. I know a lot of you follow me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that I can give you advice, helpful tips & creative ideas! Without further ado, here is our WEDDING VIDEO!