Chelsiee.Paige x TOYOTA USA

So Chris & I recently took a road trip to Palm Springs, and if you know me you know that is my favorite place ever! We planned a last minute trip just to escape & get out of town for a few days and boy did we need it! We were lucky enough to take the 2019 Toyota 4Runner out there, and let’s just say Chris’ smile was from cheek to cheek. He has wanted that car for a while so he was stoked to be able to take it to the desert.

I wanted to tell y’all about our trip & show you guys how cool the 4Runner was! If you have a Toyota, then you already know what a great company they are, they have the best long lasting cars out there! They have updated there features so it’s like driving a luxury car. I loved it as well, I like being high up in cars, I just feel safer that way so this really had all the bells and whistles for an fun road trip. I of course had to take some cool shots of the 4Runner while in the desert. I wanted to share those pictures & just how cool this car really is!

I have always had Toyota’s in my family growing up, they are great cars that last a lifetime literally. They have so many different models and features if you are looking for a new car I would totally recommend them. I am actually thinking of getting a new car so I have my eye on a few for sure. I love how Toyota’s in general have gas saving features + apple play on some, like that is the coolest!

What we really loved about the 4Runner was obviously how updated the front console was, we loved the screen just how fresh it felt. The trunk space is literally insane, you can fold down the back seats and it’s like a mini bed back there – so much room. Chris also wanted me to add that there was so many cup holders, which I loved that as well because I feel like there never is enough & when we travel we always stop at places for food so that was a huge plus. It’s the small details I’m telling you! We loved how the back window also rolled down that was a cool feature – definitely an awesome car if you love taking road trips or going off road. If y’all want to go check out this car and others that Toyota has because they are truly the best cars!