Wedding Hair Inspiration

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to get some feedback, even though I did a poll on my stories asking for opinions on how I should wear my hair on my wedding but as we all know Pinterest can make you change your mind.  So, I thought I would write a quick post and get some of your ideas!

Starting off, I am way more comfortable with my hair down, I will just start with that. Second, I DO NOT want to feel “bald” if I did end up wearing my hair up. Only reason is I obviously feel more confident when it’s down. Here’s some inspiration on what I would like my hair to be but I need help, do I just wear it down like normal? Do I change it up and wear it to the side? This is why I need help!

Ok, jumping right into it! Below I put together some “down hair” styles that I love and have been thinking of doing.

Second option would be to wear it up in case either it gets hot, the curls fall out..etc.

Hear me out, I am leaning more toward wearing it down but in a different way than I usually do. I am just simple/ boho I love a good wave and thats about it, so when I see all these different ideas it makes me think if I should step out of my box. I love getting different opinions so this always means a lot!



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